Oukotek as an employer is:

  • Forward-looking and developing company.
  • Reliable and long-term workplace.
  • Company treating its employees equally.
  • Expert company valued by its customers.

Our promise is more than just pretty words. The following are the results of a work community survey conducted by the pension insurance company ELO in 2019. The rating scale is 1-5. The overall result of the survey was 3.92, while the industry average is 3.65.

Results of the work community survey

4.38/ 5

Our work community has a good ‘can do’ spirit.

4.63/ 5

My supervisor is fair to everyone.

4.21/ 5

We talk to each other with appreciation.

4.0/ 5

I am enthusiastic about my work.

Join our growing team

With us, you get a competitive salary and other benefits. Our work is demanding, counterbalanced by freedom. Freedom means, for example, flexible working hours that take into account different life situations.

As professionals, we share our expertise with each other, come up with ideas in cooperation and challenge, and support each other in our work tasks. We believe in the power of difference, so everyone can develop at their own pace in their careers. We want to learn and develop in our work.

We have a low hierarchy and it shows when decisions are made. Here you can focus on projects and engineering work. Projects are done together, no one is left alone. At the same time, good tools are provided for independent, steady work. These factors create a supportive and relaxed atmosphere for us to work in.

Our values are high work quality, which is an absolutely important and determining factor in our operations. We redeem reliability by doing what we promise. We ensure customer satisfaction by making the end product or service tailored to the customer needs cost-effectively through well-organized work projects and project planning.

Job vacancies

Interested in joining us? Contact us and send application:

Piping and industrial engineering
Additional information: Juha Kortessalo p. 040 861 0336

Electric and automation engineering
Additional information: Ermo Lohi p.050 588 0619